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Designed for small companies, freelancers and associations.
The best accounting software for quick yet professional and easy-to-learn bookkeeping.

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More than 300,000 people worldwide
enjoy using Banana Accounting. Here’s why:

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Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Pick an accounting file template, customize it with your data and you're all set!

Discover all the apps included in Banana Accounting

Simplify, streamline and accelerate your processes with expert features


Various accounting methods: cash book, income/expense accounting, double entry, multi-currency

Professional invoicing: boost productivity and get paid faster with Banana Accounting invoices

Employee timesheets: manage working hours, tasks and staff with accurate time records


Effective financial planning: accurate reporting and timely insights for a successful future

Library management:: the hassle-free way to organize and loan collections of books

Address management and labels:organize contacts and personalize labels in a flash

Maximum security with blockchain technology

If you worry about data protection, our software will equip you with the safest, most up-to-date technology, successfully applied by virtual currencies. We secure your data with the highest standards worldwide, combining security and flexibility.

Find out how blockchain seals your data

Expand worldwide with multi-currency accounting

We believe that even the smallest business, given the right accounting and business intelligence tools, has the potential to go global. Carrying out transactions in foreign currencies or languages across the world can be complicated. Banana Accounting hands you the right tools to manage bookkeeping, taxes and all your financial data as quick and stress-free as possible. Defy borders. Grow your business, regardless of your location. We’ll back you up 100%.

Find out how Banana Accounting can help you grow internationally

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