Android (安卓)

Banana accouting mobile 是 Banana财务会计软件9的移动版本,可以被手机和平板电脑所使用,现在可以在 Android (安卓) 设备上使用。

  • 完全免费 - 您可以从 Google Play 中下载;
  • 最适合于Android 5.1或更高的版本;
  • 文件与桌面版本 100% 兼容;
  • Banana 财务会计软件 Mobile  与 Dropbox 相结合, 文件直接与您的账户同步。
  • Banana accounting mobile looks very close to the Desktop version, expecially on tablets you can find the same menus and features.


  • 使用 Google Play 来安装 Banana 财务会计软件 Mobile;

  • 点击 "连接到Dropbox (Connect to Dropbox)" 的选项键,与您的账户同步,并且可以直接在 cloud (云端) 工作;



Banana Accounting Mobile look similar and has many features available also on the Desktop version, like creating new accounting sheets, opening and modifying existing files, do accounting calculations, show print previews, etc. At the moment, functionalities using external files, i.e. "Import to accounting", are disabled. Printing to a print device is also not allowed.


Banana 财务会计软件安卓移动版本于2016年3月发行。


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