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Banana 9.0.4 - 190404


  • 兼容性
    Banana 财务会计软件9.0.4版本不再与Windows 7系统相兼容。
    与Windows 7兼容的最终版本是Banana 财务会计软件9.0.3版本
  • 总体信息:
    • 无需许可证密钥的版本改名为免费版本 (之前为精简版本)。
    • 新文件的对话框已经过重新设计和改进。
    • 在帮助菜单中添加了一个按钮,点击此按钮可以直接进入正在使用的表格内相关的帮助页面。
    • 通过深色背景提高了文本的可读性。
    • 表格内行的高度是通过正确计算得来的,并且在使用软件的整个过程内保持稳定。
    • 列标题中的文字根据缩放功能的设置进行了调整。
    • 最近打开的文件列表已经得到正确的更新。
    • 如果禁用“以红色显示负数”功能,则负数不会显示为红色。
    • 如果通过“列设置...”对话框将列移动到列表末尾,则软件不会锁定。
    • When a default language is selected in the Program options ... command, languages are now adjusted correctly in the dialogues.
    • The size of the dialogues on high resolution Windows systems screens, has been corrected.
  • Accounting:
    • You can now also select to carry forward balances in Segments in the Create new year ... command. .
    • Items table
      • When an item is added to the Items table, the line will be automatically completed.
      • The Quantity column is updated correctly.
      • The items in the Items table are carried forward when creating a new year.
    • The parameters for groups of the Chart of Accounts is saved correctly for the Income/Expense accounting in the Enhanced Balance sheet.
    • Formulas containing the '-' sign in the amount columns are calculated correctly.
    • In multi-currency accounting, the F6 function on the description field no longer overwrites the amount of the current row if an amount has already been entered in the current row.
    • The description of the categories is now correct for recurring entries.
    • The rename function works correctly on cost centres even when the "Use separator '-' " option is enabled.
    • The rename function for the currency symbol also updates the budget table entries.
    • Entries of the transactions table are no longer sorted when creating a PDF file, if the corresponding option is not activated.
    • When adding the budget table, budget entries for the cost centres are correctly generated. 
    • When you change the amounts in the budget table, "Budget difference" amount is updated immediately.
    • #Checkbalance now also checks the sign of the amount.
  • Graphics Section:
    • The graphics section has been moved to after the info section.
    • Name of months are now translated.
    • Charts are scaled correctly when the main window is rescaled.
    • Colours of the graphs have been adapted for dark screens.
  • Importing/Exporting data:
    • When transactions are imported from a 'Depreciable assets register', it is now possible to regroup by account.
    • You can import multiple transaction files simultaneously.
    • It is now possible to import compressed zip as well as tgz files into the accounting. 
    • When compressed zip or tgz files are imported, all files contained in the archive that are recognized as account statements or transaction lists are imported.
    • Import of csv files containing both the ',' (comma) and ';' (semicolon), has been fixed.
    • Html, Excel or CSV export of the Expiry table works correctly and does no longer result in an empty table.
    • The Export rows ... command adds the table title to the name of the exported file.
  • Invoices:
    • Reminders can now be printed for Income & Expense accounting.
    • Invoices that are printed over multiple pages, display the page header correctly.
    • Correct due date on paid invoices.
    • Closing text is added for invoices, reminders and extracts.
    • Improved auto-completion when recording an invoice.
    • Printing of a large number of invoices has been speeded up.
    • 'total_vat_rate_zero' element in the json of the invoices has been added, which contains the totals of the VAT codes with a VAT percentage of 0%.
  • Amortization table:
    • Smartfill improved.
    • "End date" and "Market Value" added.
    • Error reported if there are two identical item codes.
    • When entering a new code it automatically updates the sum code.
    • Importing into accounting allows for grouping by account.
  • Timesheet
    • New "Create new year" command added.
    • New "Check-In Check-Out" command added, to facilitate entering start and end times.
    • If there are multiple lines on the same day, only one line will now be coloured.
  • Address Book:
    • Command to reorganize contacts added.
    • When Google contacts tare updated, the original sequence of emails and phone numbers is maintained and the primary attribute for emails is added.
  • Scripts (new function for developers):
    • BananaApps inserted in the Documents table are now visible in the Apps menu.
    • 'Manage Apps" dialogue has been improved.
    • When modifying the settings of a script, undoing of changes is now possible.
    • A new Settings dialogue makes it easier to change BananaApps settings.
    • New methods added:
      • JsDocContBaseObject::accountIsCustomer() e JsDocContBaseObject::accountIsSupplier().
      • Banana.document.attachment for attaching a file to a document.
        In print preview, a corresponding symbol will appear to indicate the presence of attachments, while in the pdf printing the attachment will be inserted in the pdf file.
      • Banana.Xml to create and read Xml files.
      • Banana.Report.preview (title, reports, stylesheets) to print two or more documents simultaneously. In print preview the documents will appear as one single document. 
      • Banana.UI.openPropertyEditor facilitates the creation of dialogues for changing BananaApps settings.
      • LocalFile::write uses the list of secure extensions from the program options.
    • You can now use images in the SVG format .
    • The Banana.document.currentBalance method will return the correct balance for the selections of several groups where the first group is absent from the accounts table (ex.: selection Gr=40|41|42 executed in an accounting where the group 40 does not exist).
    • Documentation updated and completed.
  • Mac:
    • Texts are displayed correctly and no longer in bold.
    • Copy (cmd+c)and Paste (cmd+v) commands now work properly and are always available.
    • The software is now compatible in dark mode.
  • Linux
    • Installation via Snap
  • Several minor changes and other corrections.
  • Based on Qt 5.12.2

Banana 9.0.3 - 180327

Released on 27th of March 2018

Banana Accounting 9.0.3 is the last version supporting Windows 7.


  • The Budget function is available in the cash register, free of charge, with the Benefit license (up to 1'000 lines of registration).
  • Time sheet apps.
    • Monthly reports with printout of notes and other improvements.
    • Possibility to show the full day in File properties (for calculation of holidays). 
  • Minor improvements in the Amortisation apps.
  • An error of displaying in the listing of "Recent Files "has been corrected.
  • Words are split into several lines in the column header if the column width is not sufficient to display the description fully.
  • The description of the accounts (and categories) is now displayed In the stored lines.  
  • Printing of the Logo has also been carried out in the PDF Dossier function and Enhanced Budget functions.
  • The use of bTTF fonts has been disabled by default in Chinese language systems.
  • Use of Qt libraries version 5.9.4 (Linux Qt 5.9.3).
  • Corrections
    • Unlocking password protected recordings now works correctly.
    • The formatting of the cover in the enhanced budget has been corrected.
    • In the PDF file, the last account card displayed no longer appears twice in the account cards.
    • The calculation of the +/- Budget percentages of the groups has been corrected In the enhanced balance sheet.
    • The function updates initial balances correctly, reports the amount, even when the same character is used as the separator for the thousands and decimals.
    • When inserting a cost centre into a multi-currency accounting file, error message 'CC not in registration currency' no longer appears incorrectly.
    • In Windows, when a file is opened by double click when the window is minimised, it is now restored and brought to the foreground.
    • An error has been corrected in the scripts, where sometimes the position of the last error to occur was displayed incorrectly.
    • The currency for detailed records n the multi-currency accounting , is now correctly set.
    • Importation of ISO 20022 camt.054 files for specified banks has been corrected.
    • Importations from files of depreciable assets type by account and counterpart has been corrected.
    • Impossibility to print with certain printers under Windows, has been fixed.
    • The error in which the first key pressed was lost in the Chinese language has been fixed. 
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.

Banana 9.0.2 - 180118


  • 更新了搜索及替换了对话框
  • 改进了时间表的应用程序。
  • 收入和费用会计科目的账户明细。
  • 新的许可证密钥模式。
  • 改进了“新文件”的程序界面
  • 发票中添加了“开始信息”的区域。
  • 新的地址命令,下载Google联系人并替换现有的。
  • 改进的图表功能。
  • 可以更快速度下载新文件的模板及示例。
  • 在启动时已经更新 Banana Apps。
  • 之前的问题已修复,现在以下功能按预期工作:
    • 自动填充选项“包括上年”。
    • 使用部门的细分,生成并打印资产负债表。
    • 会计报告,标题中的周期日期。
    • 以组中相同的账号打开客户的发票。
    • 窗口 - >新窗口。
  • 其它几项改变和功能提高。

Banana 9.0.1 - 171219


  • 第一版

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